The Ballerina

Today Lauren began taking ballet lessons. The last time she tried Ballet it didn’t really work out. This time however she is really excited about her ballet lessons and performing in her recitals.

The Ballerina

Boston Whale Watch

Greg’s birthday present to the kids was a whale watch in Boston. The kids were really excited about this trip. On the drive out to Boston they told me that they hoped to see a mother whale, a baby whale, a couple of dolphins and a swordfish.  I just hoped that we would get to see at least one whale.

After arriving in Boston we rushed over to the harbor just in time to board the boat. The weather was absolutely fabulous and we enjoyed standing on the deck watching the Boston skyline disappear in the distance as we made our way out to the whale watching spot. The first part of the trip included a narrated tour of Boston Harbor. Early into our trip Colin had his favorite Red Sox baseball cap fly off his head and into the Ocean. He was devastated. But he cheered up after I assured him that we could probably find a replacement cap when we got back to the city. At first he was a bit more nervous and cautious on the boat but in no time he forgot all about his hat and began enjoying himself.

Once we reached Stellwagen Bank, the feeding grounds, we began to see the whales pop up out of the water and then gracefully flip their tails as they descended again for food. Colin and Lauren just loved it.

After the whale watch we grabbed a quick dinner at Faneuil Hall and picked up a new Red Sox cap for Colin.

Colin (hatless) and Lauren watching the Boston skyline dissapear.

Uncle Greg, Colin and Lauren posing in front of our whale watching boat