Visit with Santa

Yesterday Colin and Lauren visited Santa at the Holyoke Mall. They each told Santa that they have been good this year and gave him a brief list of toys that they were hoping to receive this year. He thought that they had made some good choices and told them that they needed to continue being good kids.

Visiting Santa 2008

St. Patrick’s Day

Colin & Lauren had a surprise visit at school today. Lucky the Leprechaun stopped by and boy-oh-boy did he make a mess. He left green footprints everywhere and even made the milk turn green. Well at least he left his pot-of-gold chocolates behind for all of the trouble he caused.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from our two lucky charms.

St. Patrick’s Day 2008

Snow Day

Another winter storm came through dumping around 6 inches of the white stuff. This time the snow was soft and fluffy. While I cleared the driveway with the snow thrower the kids had fun sledding down a small hill in our backyard.

Afterwards I joined them in a snowball fight. You could make the best snowballs with this snow and boy did we. Colin and Lauren had a great time playing outside and helping Dad.

Colin playing in snow

Colin throws a snowball at Dad.

Lauren helping Dad clear snow

Lauren helps Dad by clearing the snow out of the drain in the front of our house

Family Game Night

Tonight was family game night. We pulled out a couple of kid-friendly board games and sat down for an enjoyable evening of family fun. Colin and Lauren had a great time playing a couple of rounds of Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders.

Famly playing Candy Land

Lauren ended up winning every game and Colin was not happy about this. He had a mini meltdown and we ended up having a discussion about how these games were simply games of chance. However, Colin was quite upset about how Lauren didn’t even let him win one game. “It’s just not fair” he said. Moments later all was forgotten and despite the little meltdown at the end I really believe that everyone had a great time. It was nice to stay home and hang out together.