Basketball Awards Ceremony and Banquet

Colin received a trophy today during the LYA Biddy Basketball Awards Ceremony and Banquet. The trophies were handed out in the Gym during a ceremony in which all of the participants had their names read out loud followed by a handshake or high-five from their coach before being handed their trophy. The ceremony was brief but not rushed. You could see the excitement in each kid as their name was called out and handed a trophy for their participation.

Basketball was the first team sport that Colin played and he seemed to really enjoy it. Although shying away from the ball in the beginning he improved throughout the season was getting closer to making a basket by the end of the season.

Colin had told me early in the season that if he did a good job that he would be getting a trophy. However, as much as he was excited to receive a trophy for his accomplishments on the court he seemed equally excited that they were going to eating pizza, “his favorite”, at the banquet.

Colin with trophy
Colin shows off his trophy

Colin eating pizza at the banquet
Colin enjoys some pizza during the banquet

Pre-K Basketball

Colin has been playing basketball in a pre-school / kindergarten league in town. Seeing that he never played the game before he seems to be doing pretty good. Although he hasn’t exactly had a basket yet; he does get a little bit closer in every game. He enjoys playing and looks forward to the games on Sunday.

Colin playing basketball